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Historical map databases:  (political history of Middle East through maps) (search by location for historical maps)  (more historical maps of Middle East)

Architecture and art database (focus on urban design, excellent place to start to look for sites and to fill out maps) (has images, bibliographies, descriptions for the types of structures we are looking at, floor plans. You can search by dynasty or location)

Your answers to the al-Baghdadi questionnaire (lots of detail and references to page numbers here): 

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Preliminary bibliography (* indicates book is in my office for you to consult, briefly borrow, or photocopy)

Medieval Islamic Civilization, an Encyclopedia (at WOO reference):


Note: in databases such as JSTOR, advanced search gives you the option of searching captions. This can help locate images and plans for structures.

*Hugh Kennedy, An Historical Atlas of Islam (includes general city plans for Baghdad (Abbasid, Buyid, Saljuq, Mongol periods), Mamluk Cairo, Ayyubid and Mamluk Damascus, Isfahan (general)

*Peter Sheehan, Babylon of Egypt: the archaeology of Old Cairo and the origins of the city

*G. le Strange, Baghdad under the Abbasid Caliphate (several maps based on historical sources)

*Muhammad Manazir Ahsan, Social Life under the Abbasids (170-289 A.H./786-902 A.D.) (general information on food, clothing, entertainment, festivals)

*David Waines, ed. Patterns of Everyday Life (food, trade, some floor-plans for building structures in Egypt and Iran)

Hugh Kennedy, When Baghdad Ruled the Muslim World (caliph’s parties)

petruccioli_house and fabric in islamic mediterranean city (Mediterranean courtyard house)

Bryce et al_commerce empire and faith in safavid iran (includes floor plans for caravanserai)

from medieval cairo to modern masdar city (some floor plans of courtyard house, focus on Fatimid Cairo city planning)

bonine_morphogensis of iranian cities

hamdan_pattern of medieval urbanism in arab world

The_City_in_the_Islamic_World__Handbook_of_Oriental_Studies_Vol__1_2 (a lot of information on structures and urban planning; do a keyword search for your city or structure)

van renterghem_social and urban dynamics in baghdad

Social status:

*Monique Bernards and John Nawas, eds. Patronate and Patronage in Early and Classical Islam

*Gavin R. G. Hambly, Women in the Medieval Islamic World: power, patronage, piety

*Yossef Rapaport, Marriage, Money and Divorce in Medieval Islamic Society

*Shirley Guthrie, Arab Social Life in the Middle Ages: an illustrated study (uses the 11th c. Maqamat of al-Hariri to discuss hospitality, power/authority, trade, urban social activity)

chejne_boon companion in early abbasid times

juda_economic status of the mawali

kilpatrick_mawali and music

Goitein_commericial and family partnerships

shatzmiller_aspects of womens participation in economic life

austen_mediterranean islamic slave trade

dols_leper in medieval islamic society

savage_berbers and blacks ibadi slave trade 8th c


bacharach_isl history through coins

fischel_spice trade in mamluk egypt

hosseini_understanding the market mechanism

Food (including recipes):

*Nawal Nasrallah, Annals of the Caliphs’ Kitchens: Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq’s Tenth-Century Baghdadi Cookbook

*Maxime Rodinson, A. J. Arberry, and Charles Perry, Medieval Arab Cookery